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Our app LiebesKlee
LiebesKlee, the partnership horoscope that convinces with exact calculations of synastry.
On the basis of two birth charts we enable you an astrological expertise,
which can reveal new perspectives on everyday relationships and character traits.
Thereby, as in a personal astrological consultation, the friendship or partnership will be analyzed.
It will be shown where you harmonize with your partner, and how you meet in difficult situations.
Also they can see how and why they act with other people. What about love in their partnership?
Why are they confronted with the same issues again and again? Be it in the partnership or in the family construct.
LiebesKlee offers help on these and many other questions around social relationships and interactions.
The app is available in seven languages (German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Turkish)
and provides a solid insight into the astrological craft.
In our partnership app LiebesKlee, detailed analyses of all possible couple constellations and human connections are created.
Be it friendships, love or business relationships.  We interact daily in the most diverse social structures.
LiebesKlee helps you to break down their individual and unique character traits,
to get a better understanding of the situation and the other person.
Potential problem factors and stumbling blocks are apparent, which you can use the knowledge to invalidate.
The app also shows possible potential, where you can start to fly high together.
LiebesKlee is easy to use, fast, safe and extremely detailed.
Where the trajectories cross planets, computable aspects arise.
These can be positive and beneficial. But there are also negative aspects, which can lead to disturbances,
tensions and conflicts in the social structure.
Each horoscope has different aspects.

With the exact calculation and comparison of the two birth charts,
LiebesKlee can replace a personal consultation.

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© Copyright 2023 by StarJourney
all rights reserved

© Copyright 2023 by StarJourney
all rights reserved

© Copyright 2023 by StarJourney
all rights reserved

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